Welcome to our Galapagos Tours – Darwin Promotion, where you can experience the Enchanted Archipelago like never before! Get ready to explore the famous San Cristobal Island with its exciting attractions. One of the highlights is the fantastic Full Day Navigable Tour to Leon Dormido, also known as “Kicker Rock,” a stunning natural landmark.

Hop on a two-hour speedboat ride to Santa Cruz Island, where you’ll have an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with the giant tortoises in their natural habitat. This is a truly special experience you won’t want to miss. And that’s not all! Join us for another Full Day Navigable Tour to explore yet another beautiful island.

This journey promises to be an adventure of a lifetime, immersing you in the wonders of the Galapagos Islands and creating memories that will stay with you forever. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the remarkable diversity of flora and fauna in this unique and captivating destination!

Flight to the Galapagos Islands. Arrive at the Airport of San Cristobal Island, where we will be received by a naturalist guide and transfer to the hotel to Check-in. Lunch. In the afternoon, we will visit different attractions. Our very first visit will be to THE INTERPRETATION CENTER. This center was inaugurated in August 1998 and presents a complete and documented history of the Galapagos Islands. This place takes us through the history of the Islands, and their natural, human, and conservation contexts. Then, we will go walking up the “FRIGATEBIRD HILL” or “TIJERETAS HILL”, which consists of a trail that leads us to different viewpoints. The first point is the top of Tijeretas Hill, from where you can see León Dormido “Kicker Rock” and Darwin Bay from above. The second viewpoint is a North American purchase cannon that dates from the Second World War and was taken by the Ecuadorian Navy in the early 1970s for military practices. At the third viewpoint, there is a statue of the Scientist Charles Darwin in honor of his trip to the Galapagos Islands. We will finally go to DARWIN BAY to snorkel and swim with sea lions, marine turtles and take a look at tropical fishes. Then, we will go through a very white sand beach, which got to be an exotic landscape due to the nature that surrounds this place. Its name is Punta Carola Beach. We will finally visit PLAYA MANN BEACH. This is recreational white sand and broken shells beach. We can enjoy the sea lions resting on the sand. The clarity of the water allows us to go snorkeling in the bay. It is also the perfect place to have a romantic afternoon looking at the sunset. Return to the hotel. Lodging. (San Cristobal Island).

After a delicious breakfast, we will take the speedboat to go to LEON DORMIDO or KICKER ROCK. LEON DORMIDO is a rocky formation in the middle of the sea. The islet has a shape of a sleeping lion, and it is located on the coast of the island of San Cristobal. It reaches a maximum of 114 meters in height. The rocks are remnants of a vertical conformation of tufa stone and are the favorite place of various species of seabirds such as blue-footed boobies and phaetons, as well as sea lions. The waters around the rock are home to species of fish, sea turtles, rays, and hammerhead sharks. Between the rocks, a special channel is formed to make surface diving and diving.
Then we will visit PLAYA MANGLECITO, which has the most beautiful places to see: the mangrove and the beach. A mangrove area is an ideal place for interpretation and observation of waterfowl and the beach is an area where we can enjoy and relax. The characteristic vegetation on the beach is the button mangrove and sesuvium edmonstonei which is a species of succulent plant it is endemic to the Islands. In the mangrove area, there is a lagoon, where you can observe animals such as patillos, teros reales, zarapitos amongst so much other native wildlife. Return. Lodging. (San Cristobal Island).

*Snorkel (Mask, tube, fins)
**The Beach after the visit to León Dormido could be Playa Manglecito or Playa Ochoa. Depending on the day of operation.

Transfer to the pier to take the speedboat to Santa Cruz. This navigation will take us about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Our first visit is the CHARLES DARWIN STATION, where we will visit the TORTOISE BREEDING CENTER and can observe the different species of tortoises on the other islands. The Charles Darwin research station is the operational center of the Charles Darwin Foundation. Their mission is to provide knowledge and assistance through scientific research and other actions to guarantee the conservation of biodiversity and the environment in the Archipelago of Galapagos. After this visit, we will go up to the HIGHLANDS of Santa Cruz, to enjoy the fabulous and very famous giant tortoises in their natural habitat, these animals of prehistoric aspect lengthen their necks to eat and to be photographed by our visitors at the Archipelago. At the same time, getting to know these giants, is one of the biggest expectations for the passengers. The density of vegetation in this forest, including orchids, daisies, and bromeliads, give also a place to be the habitat of several endemic land birds including Darwin’s finches, Galapagos Hawks, short-eared owls, Yellow Warblers, Galapagos Rails, Vermilion Flycatchers, and Paint-billed Crakes. Have a delicious lunch surrounded by nature. Return to Puerto Ayora. Lodging. (Santa Cruz Island).

*** Navigable tours are subject to availability. They could be Bartholomew, Plazas, North Seymour, Santa Fe, or Floreana.

Bartholomew. Very early in the morning, we will take the transport to go to the ITABACA CANAL to take our yacht. We will have wonderful navigation of approximately two and a half hours to Bartholomew Island. Breakfast on board. In this beautiful place with an enchanted landscape, we will take a walk through approximately 300 wooden stairs. During the walk, we will be able to observe lava cacti and learn about the geology and volcanology of this area. Once we reach the top, we can enjoy the beautiful view of Pinnacle Rock and the two beautiful crescent-shaped beaches with golden sand mixed with the volcanic landscape. Then, we will make a decent to have another adventure in the bay. We will swim and snorkel with penguins, sea turtles, white-tip reef sharks, and other tropical fish. You can also relax and enjoy yourself on the volcanic sand beach. Lunch on board. Return to Puerto Ayora. Accommodation. (Santa Cruz).

This is your last day with us and we hope you have enjoyed your Trip to the Enchanted Islands.

Transfer to the airport of Baltra, and assistance to take your return flight.


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