Plaza Sur is one of the two small islets located east of Santa Cruz Island. Approximately one-hour Navigation from Santa Cruz Channel. Plazas Sur is the Island to be visited and Plaza Norte is for research purposes only.
The natural and scenic beauty of Plaza Sur is due to the fact that during the dry season, the scattered Opuntia Cacti contrast with the Sesuvium, adopting an intense red color, and during the rainy season the Portulaca blooms and fill the eastern part of the islet with yellow color.
Upon reaching the island we will be able to observe very large and aggressive male sea lions resting on the rocks of the cliff. These sea lions are territorial, and they are constantly fighting for territory and for their females. The competition has made them come to have this great size.
During the tour, we will also see a large colony of the smallest land iguanas of the archipelago, the same ones that feed on various plants existing on the Island, and during the dry season, they feed on flowers and fruits of Cactus Opuntia. Something very interesting about this species is that due to its proximity and relationship with marine iguanas, there have been crosses between these two different species, resulting in hybrid iguanas, which feed like land iguanas but skillfully scale-like marine iguanas. An interesting fact is that this species is infertile.